09 June 2015

Good Work EP - Out July 31
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The new EP, Good Work, is out July 31. Five tracks, including the first single, Wedding Pages, and the new single, Wait.

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Photography by Samuel J. Davison, an old friend who lives in Berlin and publishes the excellent photography journal This Is The Same Ocean. Check it out.

And design by Brisbane designer Sean Bate, one of my favourites. Check him out here.

Good Work will be available at all good digital record stores. Sponsored by top online casino .


20 December 2014

It's Like The Wedding Pages Of The New York Times

Hey guys,

We have a new single! Wedding Pages is from the forthcoming album, Good Work, which will hopefully be out next year.

It would mean a lot if you could take a listen and download and maybe even leave your thoughts via a comment:


More exciting news soon. Until then, friends, have a safe and strong holiday season.


17 May 2014

For BSB, A New Record (In The Works)

Hi there,

At the risk of sounding like a blogger cliche: it's been a while since I posted here.

In the interim, I have written songs, bought one of these things, one of those guys, and one of these cheeky numbers.

Thanks to the Australia Council for the Arts, I will be working on a new record with Todd Dixon in July, 2014. We are going to a cattle farm in northern NSW for a couple of weeks. It is going to be really cold. Here is a picture:

What have you been up to? Here's some things I've been doing in the last, say, 18 months:

I lived in Berlin and grew a ponytail (because why not?) and played in a rock band.

I toured Belgium in a weekend (it was cold). 

I played a handful of solo shows in Brisbane. 

Anyway, I will have more news very soon, so get your social media on and follow me on Facebook and Twitter. 


21 August 2013

First Australian show of 2013

BIG STRONG BRUTE "Avalanche of Truth" from Pastel Prairie on Vimeo.


I'm playing my first Australian show of 2013 at The Waiting Room in Brisbane on Saturday, September 14.

Saturday, September 14
w/ Epithets (first/only 2013 show), J. Francis and O. 
The Waiting Room
11 Browning Street, West End, Brisbane
7pm | $10 | BYO

Presented by the folks at Lofly Hangar and The Waiting Room

Here is the Facebook page. 

The show includes the great band Epithets, as well as J Francis and O.

I hope you can make it.


10 August 2013

Photos. Also: not dead.

Dear friends,

I hope you're well.

I am writing to you today to tell you I am not dead. Were there rumours? If there were rumours, understand that they were exaggerated.

I have moved back to Brisbane, Australia. When you first make this sort of international move, there are certain tasks that take priority: finding a house, finding a job, for example. Only once these essentials are sorted can one begin to truly contemplate Rock And Roll.

I will be back recording and performing as Big Strong Brute very soon. There is a pipeline, and things - plans - are literally in it.  In the meantime, here are some things I think are excellent:

There are several exhibitions at the State Library of Queensland at the moment related to the history of popular music in Brisbane, including this one. One of them includes a nifty web diagram connecting dozens of Brisbane bands through their shared members. This picture is part of the diagram. I'm not sure who did it, but I'd love to know. I bet they're awesome. 

This a book I read recently. Laura Jean McKay is a Melbourne short story writer. I recommend you read her work, largely - in fact entirely - because it is excellent.

Here is a picture of me on the Dalmatian Coast with long hair. You're welcome. 

If you're wondering where these little beauties have gone, and how you can get a hold of a copy, the answers to those wonderings would be a) my mum's house and b) by emailing or messaging or tweeting or Facebooking me. (Don't use PayPal right now. This is for the simple reason that PayPal is a somewhat frustrating enterprise with which to do business.) 

OK, show-and-tell over. The short story: I will be playing in your town again soon. I hope to start working on the next Big Strong Brute record - maybe an acoustic thing, maybe an electronic thing, maybe something else? - really soon. 

You've all been great friends. Thanks for your support. 

Paul/Gossip Girl

04 February 2013

March shows in Berlin


I have two shows coming up in the first week of March.

Friday, March 1
Salon Remise
Eintritt: 4-8 EUR. 
(Adresse: Schuckerthoefe - Haus F, Am Treptower Park 28-30)

Wednesday, March 6
A Bar
Eintritt: Spende. 
(Adresse: Weserstrasse 40)

Both shows will be with Lindsay Phillips, who is from Melbourne but lives in Sweden. 

I've got new songs! I've got old songs! See you there! 



21 December 2012

Avalanche of Truth nominated for the Australian Music Prize

Hey all,

I'm super pleased to announce my 2012 record Avalanche Of Truth has been nominated for the Australian Music Prize. This prize is judged by industry people and given to the best Australian album of the year - that's quality, not popularity.

It feels really nice to be listed alongside people like Lisa Mitchell, Paul Kelly and Tim Rogers - artists I genuinely believe are some of the best songwriters in Australia.

Thanks for your support in 2012, and I wish you a happy and safe holiday season and new year. See you in 2013.


05 November 2012

Belgium Tour | December 2012


I am doing a small weekend run in Belgium next month - December 7, 8 and 9.

In Ghent and Antwerp I'll be playing intimate house shows, which will require a reservation. 

The details for the third show, in Brussells, are here (in French): 


For all show details, including reservations, email: [email protected] 

29 October 2012

Big Strong Brute & Ned Collette | Berlin, November 5

Hey friends,

I'm playing in Berlin next week, supporting fellow Australian musician Ned Collette, who also lives here. This is exciting. I saw him many years ago in Australia, supporting Joanna Newsom. He's great. 

Monday, November 5
Valentin Stuberl w/ Ned Collette
(Donaustraße 112  12043 Berlin - U Rathaus Neukolln)
8pm. Donation. 

Hope you can make it. I'll have copies of my 12" for sale and a handful of new songs.


10 August 2012


Hi friends,

It's August, and that means there are two new Big Strong Brute shows to announce for Berlin audiences.

Tuesday, August 21
(Ubf. Eberswalder Str.) 
Eintritt: spende (Donation entry)
www.intersoup.de | facebook.com/intersoupberlin

Saturday, August 25
Art Gerecht
(Ubf. Franfurter Allee)
Eintritt: spende (Donation entry)

Both shows are free (or, if you're kind, by donation) so please come along. 

Lately, I've been doing some songwriting here in Berlin with Ben Salter, surely one of Australia's best songwriters. It's been a real pleasure. I can't wait to share the results. 

Meanwhile, you can still purchase copies of the Avalanche Of Truth vinyl - 150g recycled black vinyl. Just follow that link. Sweet listening. 

Happy times!