Avalanche Of Truth (2012) reviews: 

"Big Strong Brute is that kind of band, every note and poetic turn of phrase counts". 
Noel Mengel, The Courier-Mail. (4 stars) 

"It transitions between the quieter, more solemn songs and the jump up and down/letting go vehemence of any post-loss situation. It arrives at the end with ‘Sofia’, which sounds exactly as the name implies – blissful, beautiful, and slightly foreign. Paul’s Avalanche Of Truth is pop for heartache." 
Sarah Werkmeister, FourThousand. 

"Paul Donoughue’s performances as BigStrongBrute have become the stuff of mini-legend amongst Brisbane’s live music community...his new album Avalanche Of Truth showcases a more ragged, impassioned singer. His voice is not quite right for the acoustic balladeer genre he repeatedly turns to, yet that’s precisely what makes his music so intriguing...Over these nine tracks, Donoughue wears his heart on his sleeve, but never forgets how to entertain." 
Matt Thrower, Rave Magazine (3.5 stars)

We Can Sleep Under Trees In The Morning (2010) reviews:

``...One of the best releases I heard from a young songwriter anywhere in the world in 2010. By the time you reach the final, elegiac title tune, you realise these songs will be haunting you for some time yet. Fans of quality writers like Elliott Smith and bands like The National and Grizzly Bear, don't miss this.'' 
Noel Mengel, The Courier-Mail. (4 Stars)

"Honest, self-doubting and deceptively complex, Bigstrongbrute’s take on guitar pop - slowed down, spaced out and filled with beautiful melodic embellishments - is nothing short of compelling." 
Andrew McMillan, Mess + Noise.

"If you're a fan of lovingly made, carefully written, sincere music; hear this record...If you've ever seen this man live and thought that he'd make a great record; well, he JUST DID." 
Matthew Somers, FourThousand.

``Seasoned lyrical mourner and emotional articulator Paul Donoughue's talent is rather astounding: his apparent relish for words, stirring arrangements and effecting voice are executed so deftly as to recall the rousing pomp of Canadian Spencer Krug's vehicles, notably early 
Wolf Parade.'' 
Sophie Blackhall-Cain, Collapse Board

"It’s the best local record I’ve heard in some time, certainly the best folk record to come out of Brisbane for a while...Donoughue takes the same simple song structures and basic open guitar chords that thousands of people have used to create a million songs, and yet manages to create songs that are not only memorable, but somehow unique and individual. Paul Donoughue is a son of a bitch."
Cam Smith, Before Hollywood.

Live reviews:

"BigStrongBrute mainman Paul Donoughue is in fact a slightly built gentleman with an acoustic guitar who tonight offers a solo performance of quiet, hushed loveliness. Unaccompanied by bandmates, Donoughue sounds like a more melancholic Evan Dando as he strums a set of forlorn but beautiful tunes." 
The Paradise Motel / Sianna Lee / BigStrongBrute, The Troubadour, October 5, 2010. 
Matt Thrower, Rave Magazine. 

"Donoughue specialises in cleanly-strummed, soft-spoken melancholic indie, and he and his band deliver an excellent set of material from his latest EP, We Can Sleep Under Trees In The Morning." 
Yeo / Scott Spark / Bigstrongbrute, April 5, 2011, The Zoo. 
Chad Parkhill, Rave Magazine.