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Paul Donoughue has been dreaming of a career as a musician since he was a child. He wrote songs in his notebook and learned to play musical instruments. time went by but his dreams were still dreams. In his blog he wrote about his creativity in the hope that one day he would become known to the public. One day he came up with the song Avalanche Of Truth in his head. But he didn't have the money to create it. So at a certain point Paul got depressed... Paul had read an article that games help restore mental health… When he searched the internet for the word "games" he happened to come across a site with online games - with the Top Online Casino Games. Paul was amazed at the world of online casino games! He had never heard of it before! He decided to try out a few of the games first to get the hang of it! One game he already knew how to play was blackjack. He loved playing cards and had even played in a few high-stakes casinos before, but always lost everything he had after just one night! He entered his information and then started playing some games! The blackjack table felt so real, especially when they placed the mini whiteboard on an angle in front of him saying "Play BlackJack for Real Money"! It was like being at a real casino!

After a few hours, Paul decided that he wanted to deposit some money onto his account to play some more casino games! He went back and entered all of his banking information and deposited $1000 into his account! He was having a blast playing! The money felt like nothing when you were just playing for fun! After a few days, he decided it was time to start trying out some of the great slots they had on offer. There were so many different types available that he would never be able to try them all! He couldn't believe how many different free casino deposit offers there were online right now. There almost didn't seem to be enough hours in the day to sign up for them all! While Paul was browsing through the site looking at all of the different options, one really caught his eye. It was the Wheel of Fortune!! After playing all of those different casino games, he had a pretty good idea about how they worked and what to expect from them!

He decided to click on it and see what it was all about. The wheel started turning slowly at first and then picked up speed! Paul let go of his mouse because he didn't want to interfere with its trajectory! There were so many different coloured numbers flashing by, but he could only make out one - red 20! Could that be the number he won? How much would it pay out? He sure hoped it was enough!! As long as it covered his expenses for the day, then he would be happy! The wheel spun faster and faster until it finally came to a stop on the cash prize icon!!! Paul was so excited! It showed $2,000.00! That would be enough to pay for the recording of his song and more! Paul entered all of his banking information and requested a withdrawal for $2000.00! The site needed at least 7 business days to send out his money but he was willing to wait as long as it meant getting paid! He couldn't believe how well everything had worked out! Even though he started with only $500 bonus money and never deposited any real cash, he still ended up making over $2000.00 in just a matter of weeks! He had probably doubled his money already!

As soon as the site sent him his money, Paul knew exactly what he would be spending it on! He would go to a recording studio and record a song “Avalanche Of Truth”! He wrote about it on his blog “Big Strong Brute”. But Paul didn't stop playing online casinos! The colorful games made him happier and more fun! In addition, the good payouts helped him with his career as a musician! Paul also followed the link and got to the site casino Sol where he continued playing!

Sol casino never ceased to amaze Paul! Because this online casino has a number of advantages, for example, Sol casino offers to play online at any time convenient for players, because there is no need to download anything to their computer. All games will open in the browser window and allow them to enjoy playing 24 hours a day without break! The site's design is simple and allows users to immediately focus on what's important - games they can play and win money with! In addition, players are always able to contact the administration of Sol casino, which will provide full information concerning wagering requirements and bonus terms. Also, if players have any questions regarding the game process or other issues directly related to their account, they will be answered as soon as possible.

And one more advantage of Sol casino is the high quality of games offered by this online casino . RealTime Gaming software provides a truly realistic gaming experience for users, because even such details like different types of card decks and unusual sounds make video poker and slot machines much closer to reality than ordinary computer programs do! All popular games available at Sol casino can also be played on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. And there is no need to download them to players' gadgets - just open a casino site from a mobile browser and enjoy playing! So Paul greatly embellished his life and built his career through online casino Sol!