17 May 2014

For BSB, A New Record (In The Works)

Hi there,

At the risk of sounding like a blogger cliche: it's been a while since I posted here.

In the interim, I have written songs, bought one of these things, one of those guys, and one of these cheeky numbers.

Thanks to the Australia Council for the Arts, I will be working on a new record with Todd Dixon in July, 2014. We are going to a cattle farm in northern NSW for a couple of weeks. It is going to be really cold. Here is a picture:

What have you been up to? Here's some things I've been doing in the last, say, 18 months:

I lived in Berlin and grew a ponytail (because why not?) and played in a rock band.

I toured Belgium in a weekend (it was cold). 

I played a handful of solo shows in Brisbane. 

Anyway, I will have more news very soon, so get your social media on and follow me on Facebook and Twitter. 


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